Excess Inventory Programs

MMI is your leading excess inventory solutions provider

We offer:

  • A sales force strong enough to move your product in order to provide you with the greatest return on your initial investment: MMI has the largest reach around the world to other manufacturers in the independent channel.
  • Flexibility to custom-design solutions that address your unique needs: MMI’s Excess Team works with customers to develop solutions based on their individual business objectives. We can quote and buy your excess, and arrange for shipping, within 72 hours.
  • Logistics expertise: MMI’s team of logistics professionals, is assigned to our customers' excess inventories within our AS9120/ASA100 compliant warehouses.
  • Years of experience managing excess for customers like you: MMI has been providing customers with excess solutions for over 10 years.

Excess Inventory Programs:

Line Item Purchasing:

  • Allows for individual line item accountability.
  • Offers a "quick fix" but typically a low return.

Lot Purchasing:

  • Moves a large volume of product quickly at one time.
  • Return on investment is typically low.


  • We arrange for the shipment of your materials to our AS9120/ASA100 compliant warehouses.
  • We record and report all sales of your company's product in addition to the portion of your inventory remaining in our stock, and return a percentage of the sales generated by your company's materials.
  • This contractual agreement allows you full audit privileges of sales and inventory records related to your company's products.
  • Program is easily established and maintained.
  • Receive a high return on your inventory and investment.

Recycling & Asset Recovery:

  • Offered as an added service to our client customers.
  • Allows for the disposal of your electronic obsolescence in an environmentally and economically safe way.