Aerospace & Defense

It is critical to know the customer and understand their needs to provide excellent customer service and maximize sales opportunities. Given the Defense contractor, Government and Military  procurement environment, developing a sales force that understands the purchasing processes and needs of the government customer is imperative to developing successful relationships.

MMI has trained their personnel to understand the unique sales and procurement processes within the government. We have almost a decade of experience working on government projects and will continue to grow as a partner.

Military and Aerospace companies have a reputation for the most rigorous quality and reliability specifications in the electronics industry.  As a partner with many companies in this market, MMI has the experience and the necessary processes to meet or exceed customer specifications to provide the highest reliability possible.

Line Card: Aerospace & Defense Components

Circuit Breakers
MS14105 MS14153 MS24509MS24506 MS24571, MS3320, V, L, VL MS14154, V, L, VL MS22073, V MS25244. P MS25361, V MS26574, L,V, D, A M83381/1 THRU M83381/4

MIL-W-76B MIL-W-3861 MIL-W-5086C MIL-W-16878E MIL-W-22759 MIL-W-81044 MIL-W-81381 MIL-W-81822

D38999/20 THRU D38999/49 M24308/l THRU M24308/26 M39012/1 THRU M39012/124 M39029/1 THRU M39029/101 M55302/55 THRU M55302/139 M81714/1 THRU M81714/69 M83513/01 THRU M83513/09 M83723/l THRU M83723/98 MS3100 THRU MS3116 MS3400 THRU MS3459 MS3470 THRU MS3476 MS24264 TKRU MS24266 MS27466 THRU MS27656 MS27472 THRU MS27508

Relays & Sockets
AN3342 THRU AN3380 M128843/40 THRU M128843/48 M5757/l THRU M5757/103 M6106/1 THRU M6106/36 MS21330 MS24140 THRU MS24193 MS24245 THRU MS27745 M39016/6 THRU M39016/42 MS1305 M83383/1 THRU M83383/4 MS3536/1 THRU M83536/25 MS3726/1 THRU M83726/27

M22885/101, M22885/102 M28803/3, M28803/4 M5423 M8805/2 THRU M8805/111 M9419
M83731/9 THRU M83731/16 MS14001 THRU MS14003 MS16106 THRU MS18152 MS24000 THRU MS35059 MS90310 THRU MS90311 AN3021 THRU AN3248 AN3950

MIL-C-17 MIL-C-915E MIL-C-3432D MIL-C-3849 MIL-C-7078 MIL-C-13777G MIL-C-24640 MIL-C-27072 MIL-C-27500 MIL-C-49055 MIL-C-55021 MIL-C-55036 MIL-C-55668 QQ-B-575 QQ-W-343

MIL-I-631D MIL-I-3 190 MIL-I-7444 MIL-I-18057 MIL-I-22129 MIL-I-23053

FSC Codes
3110 5980 3120 5996 4140 5999 4820 6005 5305 6007 5306 6015 5310 6021 5320 6030 5325 6040 5340 6060 5355 6099 5905 6105 5910 6120 5915 6135 5920 6145 5925 6150 5930 6210 5940 6240 5945 6250 5950 6625 5955 6645 5960 7020 5961 7021 5962 7022 5975 7025